Orthotic Therapy

Walking, running, and standing are everyday activities that subject the body to considerable stresses and forces. Three to five times the weight of the human body is generated in force upon every strike of the foot. This is then transformed into forward and upward motion. Orthotic therapy manages that force, by providing correctly aligned support to the foot. The benefits include:

  • Relief of foot pain
  • Control and correction of abnormal gait patterns
  • Improvement in shock absorption
  • Protection for vulnerable areas such as corns and calluses
  • Relief from foot-symptoms associated with ageing and wear
  • Reduction in symptoms of the lower back, hip, knee and ankle that may be generated from foot abnormalities.
  • Reduction in fatigue of the foot and lower limb
  • Support for collapsed arches

Before being prescribed orthotics, you will be examined whilst standing and walking. This is done at our clinic using the Gait Scan computer technology, which measures pressure and force placed on your feet whilst walking normally. Our customised orthotics to be made to your exact requirements.