EFT can help with emotional and physical issues. It can be effective with addictions (e.g. smoking, weight loss), pain, depression, anxiety, phobias (e.g. flying, public speaking) and post traumatic stress disorder.

EFT and TAT involve use of ‘meridian points’. Acupuncture and acupressure use meridian points, too. In EFT we tap on the points – the client does the tapping with the practitioner’s guidance. TAT involves holding specific meridian points. The aim is to stimulate or improve the flow of energy through the meridian system, unblocking or changing the way in which thoughts and feelings influence behaviour. When specific triggers cause fear or anxiety – such as spiders, dogs or someone at work or school – the fear causes people to run away, scream or avoid going to places. We use EFT to change our reactions, removing fear, anxiety and stress and promoting balanced responses. Situations or experiences which persist in reducing someone’s quality of life or level of happiness can be addressed with TAT – without the need to increase stress or distress by examining the source of the problem.

In consultation with the client, Wendy develops a programme of Energy Work, which may include a variety of techniques, tailored to address the issues raised.